Vegetable milk

Produced only from natural high-quality products without the use of powder and synthetic fragrances. Suitable for people with milk allergy as well as those preferring vegetarian or vegan nutrition.

Organic fruit bars

Golden grain bars with pieces of dried fruit are a perfect energy source. Products are certified and marked with the „Euro-leaf“ logo, therefore suitable for any age.

Cookies and waffles

Fructose is used in the production of these cookies and waffles instead of sugar, thus they are perfectly suited for people with diabetes or those willing to limit their sugar consumption.

Diabetic biscuits

Sweet taste without sugar. These biscuits are produced in three flavours for consumers suffering from diabetes so everyone will find the taste they are looking for.

Organic biscuits

For the healthy diet. Products made from organic ingredients for all ages: organic baby biscuits are adapted to infants’ need in terms of both consistency and composition. The biscuits are recommended to consume from the age of 6 months.

Organic chocolate spreads

It is a 100% organic and UTZ Certified chocolate spreads. You can find hazelnut chocolate spread, white chocolate spread, black chocolate spread and milk chocolate spread.

Seadfood and fish

All the fish that is being processed in the factory comes from fisheries considered as sustainable and is captured with traditional methods of fishing. The first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, vegetables, spices and vinegar for the sauces, all coming from the certified organic and biodynamic agriculture. You can find tuna in brine, tuna, mackerel, squid tentacle chunks, sardines in organic olive oil, also bio mussels in bio marinade.