Organic vegetable milk

Produced only from natural high-quality products without the use of powder and synthetic fragrances. Suitable for people with milk allergy as well as those preferring vegetarian or vegan nutrition.

Organic fruit bars

Golden grain bars with pieces of dried fruit are a perfect energy source. Products are certified and marked with the „Euro-leaf“ logo, therefore suitable for any age.

Cookies and waffles

Fructose is used in the production of these cookies and waffles instead of sugar, thus they are perfectly suited for people with diabetes or those willing to limit their sugar consumption.

Diabetic biscuits

Sweet taste without sugar. These biscuits are produced in three flavors for consumers suffering from diabetes so everyone will find the taste they are looking for.

Organic chocolate spread

Organic and UTZ certified chocolate hazelnut spread.

Organic gummies

Organic gummies without synthetic dyes, fragrances, gluten-free. The animal gelatin is not used in the products. Suitable product for vegans and people who want healthier snacks with less sugar.

Organic nut butters

The nut butters are suitable for vegan and vegetarian diets, naturally gluten free, dairy free and does not contain any added sugar or sweeteners (like Xylitol). All nut butters are made without palm oil. We offer almond and peanut butters.


Organic mollasses 

Organic sweetener suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

A set of turrons

Turron is a traditional Spanish sweet made from nuts, honey and other additives, reminding of halva or nougat.



Rice crackers

It is a healthy snack with up to 65% less fat. Suitable for people with gluten intolerance.



Natural wax candles

These candles are made from natural olive wax. Without palm and genetically modified soy wax. Without fragrances. It is a vegan product. A great choice for those who promote healthy living and the environment.