Alfa Trade, Ltd. is a ambitious and promising company. We represent an open-minded buyer who cares about his/her health, and together strive for a healthier life!



Our goal is to promote a healthy lifestyle, to offer a broad range of high-quality goods in the market, to inform about the emerging novelties and deal only with reliable producers.


We work with the largest retail chains in Lithuania and the Baltic States, as well as with smaller shops. Our main client is “Maxima” - the largest retail chain in the Baltic States.

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We stand for a healthy lifestyle
The success of our business is measured not only by the turnover in Euros and the number of trading spots where the production we represent is being sold, but also by the smiles of our customers. We contribute to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle as well. We sell certified organic goods and other niche products. What separates us in the market is a healthy approach to pricing, realistic thinking and willingness that our ecological products reach as many buyers as possible. Our aim is that our represented products are liked and consumed by the end user, who would certainly recommend them to others, including their children and grandchildren. We follow the statement that there is „a healthy mind in a healthy body“.
Our approach to cooperation

Our primary customers are the major retail chains that describe us as flexible, creative, persistent and always ready to help. We understand that we are their best contributors and try always to keep them happy and satisfied. We also use other forms of trading such as online trading, fairs, and small stores.

Our main focus is long-term cooperation. We highly support our distributed brand and we understand that the success of the brand and product we represent, is our success as well. 

We are a socially responsible company

We contribute to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, and by means of our persistence and skills we increase the quantities of our sold products. Our company is also actively involved in charity campaigns where we highly encourage others to participate as well.